Honor your mother, by honoring our “caring mothers”

In rural Kenya, women are extremely vulnerable.  They are often married young, under educated, and sometimes against their will.  If their husband dies, they are left without support and are often forced to become domestic servants or even worse.   At KWO, we believe that we are called to protect and redeem the lives of these women. 

 We call them our “Caring Mothers” and we employ them to cook and care for the orphans in our Children’s Homes and in return they receive a new home, food, healthcare, full educational benefits for their children, and a monthly stipend.  Widows who had no hope of a decent life can now look forward to an exceptionally bright future for themselves and their children.

 Caring for these women is a blessing to us and our donors, but it does cost money.  This year, KWO will spend around $492 to provide for each of our Caring Mothers; that’s around $41 per month.

 This year, we are inviting you to honor the mom in your life by showing honor to our Caring Mothers who serve faithfully every day in KWO facilities.  When you make a donation of $41 or more to care for these women, we will send a beautiful Mother’s Day card to the mom in your life to let them know you have done something that will really make a difference.  We think she’ll be proud of you!  Click here to donate and enter your mom’s information.  We will mail the cards on May 6th so she’ll be sure to have it in time for Mother’s Day on May 12th .