Organic structure, indigenous leadership, American oversight

Since the orphans work began as an outgrowth of an evangelistic work, we have endeavored to keep the direction of this work at the leading of the Holy Spirit.  We do have certain philosophies, however, that have guided our decisions so far. Because none of this would have been possible without the hard work of the evangelists that we have hired as WBS follow-up workers in Kenya, we only build orphanages in association with these men and the churches they have established. In addition, we only send money to help those churches that are already doing all they can to help the helpless in their area.

In the US, the work is lead by Tim Neale, who makes all the day to day decisions with careful thought and prayer. Tim travels to Kenya numerous times a year, spending over 16 weeks annually at the orphanages.  He is assisted by a board of directors; committed donors who love the work and provide strategic leadership and accountability to the ministry.

When someone donates money to this ministry, it goes to support two basic types of growth; infrastructure and feeding capacity. Monthly commitments go to feed kids and widows as well as provide for their basic care. We need a predictable, reliable flow of monthly giving to be able to continue to operate this work. Donors who give monthly have the satisfaction of knowing that almost all their gifts go to care directly for orphans who otherwise would be lost.

Periodic gifts go to fund special projects like quality of life improvements, education, or profit making projects for the orphanages. They can also be used to build new feeding stations, expand dorms within existing orphanages, or entire orphanages at pre-selected sites. We maintain a list of needs at each site, and fund them according to priority as funds become available.

KWO is committed to financial transparency.  We have been evaluated by Intelligent Philanthropy and awarded their Transparency Seal.  Click on it to see our current Analytical Review.