One voice, one tribe, One People, One God!

Camp 53 is a mission trip opportunity for American college-age students to provide a unity camp for our recently graduated high school seniors who are joining our vocational training center. Our goal is to help change the future of Kenya by teaching our friends to be Godly leaders in their country.  

This week is about more than just teaching our Kenyan brothers and sisters. The goal of Camp 53 participants is to learn of God’s love, bond with each other, unite in Him, and be thankful for new relationships. 

The name is for Isaiah 53.  This passage unites all of us. It was OUR sins that put Jesus on the cross. He died so WE would be forgiven of OUR sins.

Please read Isaiah 53: 3-12.  Pay special attention to verses 4-6 and verse 12.  These are the verses that inspired Camp 53!

The dates for our next camp will be December 27, 2017 - January 5, 2018. 

For more information you can call the KWO Ministries office at 432-262-0845.