Vocational Mission Trips

As the number of our orphans graduating from secondary school continues to grow, KWO Ministries wants to help each student provide for his/her future. A few will be able to go on to college, but in reality, most need to learn a trade. That is where the vision to build our own vocational school began. The John and Mary Sue DeFore Vocational Training Center was opened in June of 2012. Currently programs are being offered in auto mechanics, computers, hairdressing, tailoring, masonry and carpentry as well as English and personal finance classes.  

The purpose of vocational mission trips is to bring teachers and tradesmen from the US to help teach our students and assist their teachers. I guarantee the Kenyan teachers and students will teach us as well.  These trips are planned each summer, and at other times when the people and schedules permit.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Tim Neale.