Keeping Hope Alive

Some Kenyan orphans have a relative like a grandparent or aunt that they can live with, but they are not able to provide enough food. The child is left to scrounge for their daily bread, and as a result they cannot go to school and sometimes go hungry. Disease, predators, and even starvation are ever-present threats.

To address this need we have established Feeding Stations in cooperation with local WBS churches. At these locations we provide nutritional support for the local orphans. At most sites, we build a kitchen, a dining hall, and a dorm for the two widows that we will employ to cook for the kids. We feed the orphans two meals a day, at lunch and dinner. This enables them to stay in school, secure that their next meal will be there.

KWO uses some feeding stations as "starter orphanages" to begin an orphans work at a local church and evaluate it's effectiveness before converting it into a full orphanage when funds and land become available.  Muhuroni, Tom Manning, Nana Glasscock, and Kinyach were all feeding stations before they were orphanages.

Below are the current feeding stations and their relative locations and overseer.  Some of these sites are attached to existing orphanages, and some stand alone.  Please pray for these orphans, and the churches and widows that serve them.

Stand Alone Feeding Stations:

Adingo, managed by Thomas Alwala.
Sondu, managed by Thomas Alwala.
Chesilyot, managed by Richard Koech.
Kericho, managed by Francis Chepkwony.
Kimnai, managed by Wilson Kiptoo.
Ngando, managed by Simon Karanja
Homa Bay, managed by Stephen Owino
Kamulu, managed by Mauryn Mbuvi


Attached to Orphanages:

Dirubi, attached to Dirubi orphanage, Thomas Alwala.
Ndhiwa, attached to Ndhiwa orphanage, Alfyao Bodi.
Kapsabet, attached to Kapsabet orphanage, Bernard Kibet.
Ngenymesut, attached to Ngenymesut orphanage, Bernard Kibet.
Uriri, attached to Uriri orphanage, Kennedy Chandi
Muhoroni, attached to Muhoroni Orphanage, Thomas Alwala
Melanie, attached to Lee McGraw Orphanage, Thomas Alwala
Ongoro, attached to Ongoro Orphanage, Tobias Olweny
Londiani, attached to Londiani Orphanage, David Koech
Immanuel, attached to Manning Orphanage Home, Alfayo Bodi
Kinyach, attached to Kinyach Orphanage, Wilson Kiptoo