Breaking The Cycle of Poverty


KWO is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in the orphans that we serve.  We understand that a quality education is of paramount importance in providing a way for our students to better themselves and to better their country.  We provide tuition and fees assistance to all of our orphans and widows children who live at orphanages through secondary school.  We have begun to build our own secondary schools to serve our locations that are geographically near each other.  Our first of these schools is at Kapsabet Orphanage, and serves the orphans there, as well as Ngenymesut and Kipsenende.

Vocational Training - Going beyond the basics


In addition to secondary school, we operate the John and Mary Sue DeFore Vocational Training Center to teach those orphans graduating from secondary school a trade and life skills that they can use to earn a living in the future.  Students can learn automotive technology, welding, electrical wiring, tailoring, hairdressing, catering, building construction, and computer skills.  In addition, each student is also given an advanced course in English and personal finance.  Students attend for one year and then are assisted in finding jobs, apprenticeships, or attachments.