Health Care Initiatives


KWO endeavors to meet the health care needs of orphans and widows in three primary ways:

Local Clinics, located on most of our orphanage sites, provide primary and preventative care for the orphans and widows in the orphanage and nearby feeding stations, as well as to the community at large.  These clinics consist of a building with exam, consultation, and isolation rooms and a small pharmacy.  The clinic is staffed by a nurse, who receives refresher training from American nursing instructors periodically.

Emergency Medical Reserve Funds.  Each orphanage director has access to an emergency medical fund that provides for visits to a local doctor, specialist, or hospital when needed.

Medical Mission Trips from the United States provide care to each location almost every year.  These trips consist of a doctor, nurse, two dentists, dental assistants, and other support personnel.  They are able to provide medical triage, treat minor illnesses, do hygiene training, and provide basic dental care for all of our orphans and widows.