If you have been touched by anything that you have heard about KWO and our work in Kenya, it may be that the Holy Spirit is calling you to join with us. 

Our needs are simple.

Most importantly, please pray for our orphans and widows in Kenya and the faithful men and women who are serving them in Jesus’ name.  The recipients of the help we send are daily praying for the donors, though they may never meet.  We believe that all funds are provided by God himself and only through prayer will the increase come.

KWO spends very little money on administrative costs in the U.S.  In fact, less than 5% of all our funds are spent on overhead, the rest is sent to Kenya to directly care for the orphans and widows.  KWO is an IRS recognized 501(C)3 public charity and all donations are tax deductible.  Whatever way that you decide to help, we know that God will honor your service and gifts.


You can also donate funds to help us in our work.  One-time gifts are matched with needs at our facilities or for providing secondary educational benefits for our orphans.  Monthly gifts go directly to meeting the ongoing costs of food and other operational expenses for our facilities and are a vital part of what we do.  Two meals a day for an orphan at a feeding station costs only $9 per month, and $11 per month provides three meals a day to a child at an orphanage.  The total costs of care for each orphan in our system are around $30 per month.  $250 pays the educational expenses of a secondary student for an entire year. No monthly gift is too small, and a little goes a long way.

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get personally involved

Some people like to get more personally involved in this work.  In addition to our medical and vocational mission trips to Kenya, we also organize several fund raising events throughout the year.  Volunteers are always needed for these events. Use one of the contact methods below to ask about any of these opportunities.

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Contact KWO

If you would like more information about KWO Ministries, you can reach us the following ways:
Phone: 432-262-0845
Email: tim@kwoministries.org
Postal: KWO Ministries  3500 W Golf Course Rd, Midland, Texas 79703